EE-3 Blaster

Painting Project - January '20

E-11D Blaster

Painting Commission- January '20

This version of Boba Fett's Blaster from Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi has been painted from a Hasbro toy I found in a charity shop. This was my first attempt at a wood effect for the stock and I'm quite happy with the overall result.

This was a Nerf gun version of the Deathtrooper's Blaster from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story painted for a fan of the films. Enjoyed doing the blued steel effect even though my airbrush was out of commission and had to apply with a brush instead.

Abramovich S12

Kit bash Build - May '19

A converted toy with many random parts and cast greeblies from my stock. It has a real optical red dot scope from a crossbow, and a laser sight installed underneath the barrel with the toy's body drilled out to incorporate a thumb switch for turning the laser on and off. Dry brushed and more recently weathered to look a bit rusty.

Heckler & Koch G36C

Painting Commission - October '18

A cheap airsoft rifle painted to spec for the short sci-fi film Dweller (2019). The story is based in the near future and the weapons needed to be  regular UK forces issue so this, along with the snub-nosed SA-80 below were provided as props for the bunker complex occupied by the main characters.


SA-80 L22A2

Painting Commission - October '18

This is a replica of the UK forces  short-barrel version of the standard issue SA-80 L85A2 used for armoured vehicle crews. Designed to be less cumbersome in close quarters, it suited the brief for a maze-like bunker. Also note that like the G36C above it sports an orange stripe on the body of the weapon, this was to colour code with the bunker sets and character costumes.

Bremner Gladius SMG

Kit bash Build - Mar '17

An early build made of a toy gun and various bits from the parts bin, including a UV style mounted torch and fore grip, a converted scope from another toy and a pipe clip. I also drilled holes for ventilation and in the suppressor to give it a more purposeful look before painting to look like well worn steel.

RZ29 Domme Kompakt

My first effort at building a prop sci-fi weapon on a course at Gibbet FX in Edinburgh. I had a basic sketch and made the prop from several layers of different foam boards, mounting board and some old pocket torches (along with some bits from the parts bin). Painted with spray paints and acrylics, then finished with decals and a silver gel pen for the battle scars.

Scratch build Project - Jan '17