Bike Part Sculpture - Bike Show Teaser

Sep '19

Was given three days to make a sculpture from bike parts for a live Bike Show Teaser presented by Daley Thompson, Shanaze Reid, Chris Boardman and Ned Boulting.

Alien Creature Sculpture - Gibbet FX 

Aug '18

Creature design course at Gibbet FX in Edinburgh. Sculpting from a concept sketch with water clay and then coated with several layers of mould making silicone. Silicone was then reinforced with a layered cloth binding and then a jacket of mod roc was constructed. Once dried out, clay was removed and the mould cleaned before several layers of fast cast resin was slushed into all the details, and finally backfilled with a dense expanding foam. Once cast was released from mould it was trimmed, lightly sanded and then sprayed with an undercoat before hand painting with acrylics.

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