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Tattoo Bite Wound - Corvus

Sculpted  and Cast - Oct '19


Latex wound used on Folk Horror Short Corvus in November last year. This was just a test fitting, so there is no powder applied to dull the sheen and no fake blood. Applied with water based prosthetic mastic and painted with acrylics.

Fabricated Jun '18

'Quiet' Campfire Rig - Outlander Season 4

A quiet propane fire rig used at the end of Outlander Season 4 in the Mohawk Council dream sequence. Mig welded from 0.6mm sheet steel, and both 1/2"  and 2" x 1" box section. Fitted with a silencer and utilising brass gas pressure fittings on 1/4" copper pipe. Very quiet and controllable, good for when dialogue his being recorded round the fire.

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