I was born in the beautiful City of Bath in the mid 70s and have always been visually oriented from a young age. I originally moved to the historical City of Edinburgh in 2011 whilst working as a freelance computer engineer. Finally in January 2017 I made the decision to pursue a career as a designer and prop maker, and since then I have taken several prop making, design and sculpture courses in London's Pinewood Studios and with Scottish props and FX guru Calum McDonald at Gibbet FX, while also undertaking a wide array of projects. including a period working with the SFX team on popular TV series Outlander. I now work as a freelancer out of my small London Road studio.



Whether you require someone to help design the look of your production, to source props, dress sets, or to design and build bespoke props, I'm always happy to discuss new projects and commissions. You are welcome to give me a call, email me, or alternatively, just fill out the form on the contact page and we can have a discussion about your requirements.